Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happiness exists, but not the conditions of happiness.


  1. I am happy, therefore I am. Unconditionally, of course.

    Thanks for the daily 'think' thought.

  2. True hapiness, not controlled by outside conditions.

  3. Happiness is a state of mind. The ulitmate goal of life is happiness. The condisions for happiness is found in the art of the uninverse. Great Post.

  4. “Oh! How bitter a thing it is to look into happiness through another man’s eyes.”
    As You Like It. W. Shakespeare.

    “Of good and evil much they argued then,
    Of happiness and final misery,
    Passion and apathy, and glory and shame,
    Vain wisdom all, and false philosophy.”
    Paradise Lost. John Milton.

    Happiness is an emotion that can only be felt to exist by the mind that produces it.
    The conditions of happiness will only be discovered when the workings of the mind are understood. Until then to state they do not exist is, to say the least, premature.

  5. You will never find it by looking for complicated methods, rules,gurus, teachers, self-improvement,and all the rest of the mindless chatter out there. Stop looking for it and it might just appear.

  6. And it is when we understand this, that we can be truly happy!

  7. Very profound, NP. We spend too much time seeking *things* to bring happiness--when happiness (like most things) come from within--not from outside.

  8. Love this! It's an optical delusion that happiness is produced by outer circumstances- like winning the lottery, eating chocolate ice cream, or acquiring a nugget of knowledge. We get the ice cream and then we stop desiring for a moment...It's the release of restless seeking for a moment that unmasks innate happiness, but this is mistakenly attributed to the ice cream. Jean Klein communicates this with clarity. Thanks for another electric aphorism!

  9. sooo true....
    hapiness has no limit, no bundries....


  10. True! but then I wonder what it will be like if the conditions of happiness did exits