Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thirst is a language even the grass understands.


  1. NP, Thanks sharing for this beautiful quote of the day.
    I think one need to be thirsty to understand this language.

    NP, if you want to post matching photos with your aphorisms please select them from my photo blog.
    You can share photos from www.photobucket.com as well.

  2. Love this so much, NP! This is wonderful that you are doing an aphorism a day. I'll be checking by often.

  3. I love this one. It's so basic, so simple, so true. Thanks!

  4. Language is a thirst nobody on grass could understand... :)

  5. Dear "Profound", I JUST LOVE this one. During my time in the wild, I grew to understand the intensity of hunger that all life experiences...the many forms of hunger that I think all come from the same bottom line drive: To LIVE. And LIVE and LIVE.

    I loved being in the thick of the forest and FEELING this wild hunger coming from the plants, trees, wildlife, the Earth itself. It translated into intense vitality for me and made me feel more alive than ever in my life. It allowed me to feel and experience my own surging wild hunger.

    Thank you my dear friend. So much wisdom and beauty here. Hugs, Robin

  6. Grass is much misunderstood.
    It grows where few are able to even put down roots.
    It can grow higher than a man.
    It can re-grow from the roots when everything above the ground has been killed by drought/ fire or been devoured.
    It quite simply will probably remain long after the human race has departed this world unless we are capable of humbling ourselves, get down our knees and understand what the grass sees.
    Do it and learn how one raindrop appears to a blade of grass.
    Then say that you understand the thirst for language as well as the grass that grows under your feet understands the thirst for life.

  7. Very well done. My fave so far...