Thursday, April 22, 2010

Don't come to my funeral tomorrow; meet me for lunch today.


  1. so true in so many levels - why do we leave it so long to get in touch when we have all the means at our fingertips, phone, email, social networks, and most importantly the ability to make time to go and visit!

  2. Nice to see that you are posting daily! Will come back often. BTW - New story on my blog!

  3. Yes, I couldn't agree more with you!!! Carpe Diem!

  4. Wow, this one really hit me today. Good one, Marty!

  5. Love that one! Made me smile and... so true!
    So, for the time being, I'm enjoying my evening with a glass of red wine...

  6. NP, thank you for reminding the importance of gatherings and meetings with the family and close relatives.

    Unfortunately, it is usual seen that we know about the existance of few relatives when they have left us behind.

  7. I laughed out loud. Happy Earth Day (above and not 6 feet under).

  8. Time is of the essence! When I heard of the ancient Greeks (or was it Romans?) when they were dead being propped up as though enjoying a bunch of grapes or wine as everyone in attendance lived it up during their funeral, all I could wonder was what good that does then? Granted, it's solace for the living, but...come on, it sucks to be the dead one and not getting to actually enjoy the company!

  9. My mother always told my siblings and I, "Give me my flowers while I can still smell them." And that is exactly what we did!
    Thank you for reminding me about the most important things in & friends like you! Much success to you Marty, cheers!

  10. And tempus fugit - so don't worry about the details of which restaurant!

    I like the daily format.

  11. Hello Marty,

    The though is similar to this...
    "Do not bring me flowers when I am dead"

    Great thought provoking aphorism.

    Thank you,

  12. How sadly true this statement is... To many people take life for granted and miss out on the precious moments that surround them daily...

    Friendships are meant to be cultivated, not abandoned...

    No one is promised tomorrow, so why not take a moment to let those around you know that you are thinking of them... It just might make their day!

    Thank you Marty
    Alway grateful for our friendship
    So glad we cyber bumped into each other
    Have a great day
    Rev Deb

  13. RevDeb378,
    I appreciate your comments.

    Thank you once more for this reminder.

  14. Hi Marty,
    I love your new site!
    Congrats and keep up the inspiring thoughts and words!

    Thanks for visiting me too!
    Your friend,

  15. I think it is a good day to have lunch a bad day for a funeral. Enjoyed your thoughts

  16. Right on, NP! The matter with us these days, we pay respects to others only when they can no longer feel that coming from us; when they were still around we simply took them for granted. Particularly our loved ones at home.

    I would be glad to meet you for lunch today...esp. if it's your treat! ^^

  17. Hello my friend, truly wise words shared with the wise who will put this message into action. Thanks for this blessing.

  18. Only if you are paying for the lunch as well as the funeral:D