Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Making Progress

The only real progress in life is to love it more and more.


  1. There are others that say, it is a preparation for death.

  2. Love it, Marty! I must say, I love it more now than I did when I was younger. Those teenage years were pretty tough!

  3. what a way to look at life! i agree. and by this standard i found i made progress!

  4. Powerful in its simplity as always.
    St. Paul constantly spoke about love as THE only thing that lasts or matters.
    if I have not love, I am nothing
    if I have not love, I am simply a clanging cymbal
    knowledge puffs up but love builds up
    love covers a multitude of sins
    Who ever does not love, does not knoW
    Who ever lives in love, lives in God
    Therefore love is the fulliment

  5. The love of my life is life itself...'nuff said!

  6. There will always be that point in your life when this will ring louder, truer than you can imagine.

  7. I think making progress requires a healthy perspective on what really matters. If you get caught up in petty details or absorbed by anger and regrets, you stay in the same bad place. Or relive the past. One of the ways I measure my progress is if my daughter is thriving. And it sounds corny, but also- did I make a difference today?

  8. Marty, nice aphorism! Although I find it a bit too idealistic, I cannot disagree with the positive message.

  9. I'd honestly reword is just a tad: The only true happiness in life, is when you find more to love about it. Or maybe: The only real goal in life, is to learn how to love it more passionately than you did before.

    Anyways, great line, I really like it, makes me think of so many ways I can relate to it.

  10. what is the point of progress which you can flaunt only in terms of money .. sounds good on a piece of paper or in some magazine.
    but at the end of the day does the progress make you smile or makes you think about the grass being greener on the road not taken

    1. this is an old blog of mine
      forgot that it even existed :P
      this is me
      simplysud :P

  11. How true....and how hard to remember sometimes. :)

  12. oh my God! I never thought of it that way! Hmmm, thank you for that great insight! :)