Friday, July 9, 2010

A puppet whose strings got cut learned to walk all on its own.


  1. That's very deep in many different directions..

  2. I know. I was that puppet.

  3. Could you, please, lend me a pair of scissors???

  4. The little puppet stumbled many times, and got very weary and the puppet master said 'come back to me, I will love you better this time and give you shiny new strings'. The puppet thought about it, looked at the puppet master, and said 'I would rather crawl on my knees for the rest of my life than have your strings back.' Then it went quiet and a big sunbeam shone down on the puppet as she slowly stood up and very gently, put one foot in front of the other until she was able to walk all the way to the divorce court. Today that little puppet can run, skip and jump and if she falls down, can get up all on her own.
    Smiles and blessings

  5. This is a great metaphor for parents letting their kids fly the nest to independence and self reliance.

  6. Some puppets grow too big for the strings to hold them and they break naturally. Of course, once a puppet is stringless, what does one call it?

  7. "Cutting The Strings" A Song
    "There now, they've all gone
    almost as if they never had been
    I turn my eyes backwards and I gaze into my own gaze
    I turn my eyes inwards and I gaze into my own face

    I built my prison stone by stone
    how many useless knots I tied
    I dug the pitfalls in my path
    how many useless tears I cried
    here to build in worlds of beauty
    no-one made a joy a duty
    no-one, no-one but me

    I saw the birds that flew so free
    I envied them their grace divine
    I saw the dancer's airy steps
    theirs was a different world than mine
    here to build in worlds of glory
    no-one made my sad sad story
    no-one, no-one but me

    when useless walls come tumbling down
    sparrows will sing on the fallen stones
    Adam will pull the knife from his brow
    Eve will lick the salt from his wounds
    free to make my own tomorrow
    free to free my heart from sorrow
    free to hear and smell and see
    free to be me, free to be free"

  8. We're not just slaves of our DNA and past experiences...What cuts the strings of our limiting beliefs? Maybe that question will open another aphorism from your creative awareness n.p. Thanks for another startling aphorism- it makes me feel string-free just reading it.

  9. Great idea. We must all learn independence. The question is who cut the strings and why?

  10. I enjoy the thought that in-spite of our strings we can still achieve if we just have faith that we can live without them. Thanks be well

  11. Cut those strings yourself, and then learn to dance to your own music rather than all those melodies of other times that endlessly float through your head.

  12. Amazing metaphor. You just reminded me of Khalil Gibran somehow. Kiss you dear!